Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rant Time

I'm effing tired. I feel like all I do is work and school. Fuck, I've hardly been playing Halo 3, one of the greatest videos games to date(for my generation, anyways). I'm always tired, sick a lot, and it doesn't even seem like I have that much on my plate to stress my body like this. I honestly have nothing to complain about, plenty of people do what I do and more, without whining. It's so frustrating. Maybe just working retail is exhausting, because dealing with stupidity is exhausting. For instance, a customer came in with his PS3, which was broken, and he was convinced he bought the replacement plan for it, though he didn't have the receipt. It's kind of a pain to look up receipts when customers lose them, but we were very slow, so I started searching his purchases through his phone number. Not only do I not find a replacement plan, but I don't even see a PS3 on his record. Whatever, he's convinced he bought it here within the last three months. I look closer at his purchases, and he bought PS3 games back in March, which is quite a bit more than 3 months ago. But again, he's positive he bought it here, and gives me 3 credit cards to view the history. After I've been scrolling and searching through tiny print for his freaking PS3, he calls his friend, who tells him he bought it at GameStop. WTF?!?!?!?!?! way to be retarded, seriously. Personally, when I buy something expensive, I make damn well sure I keep the receipt and even the original packaging with me, in case something happens. Gah, talk about a waste of time. Not to mention PS3s suck balls anyways.

Also, our internet sucks. I get off work at 6, figuring I'll finally have a leisurely evening to mysel to spend some quality time with my xbox, and I'm fucking red-baring every game. FUCK YOU MEDIACOM. seriously. hug plz?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I suck at getting sick

Seriously. Sick all this week, even though I had the exact same thing a month ago. Sore throat, fever, headache, painful chills. I guess it wouldn't bother me so much if it was any other weekend than this one. This was my weekend to get crazy caught up on all my schoolwork[which didn't happen because i had to spend most of it in bed attempting to recover], because tomorrow night at 12:00 am, it shall be time to FINISH THE FIGHT! eeeeeek! i'm really fucking excited, no joke. I actually got interviewed at work about the release of the game by a reporter from the Des Moines Register or something. So um, yeah, don't expect to see me for a while, as my 360 shall be running my life until I wipe out all the Covenant scum, on legendary, of course. I'm glad I'm not as sick anymore[key word being"as"], and there's a perfect song to describe how I feel right now.

Feel Like Pwning Noobs

It's something that I have to do
I feel like pwning noobs
The time of my defeat is through
I'm totally going to pwn you

Instead of my fingers i'll use my toes
I'll still play way better than you
Thats what i'll do
(guitar solo)
I feel like pwning noobs
Feel like pwning feel like pwning, feel like pwning
Pwning noobs

- PurePwnage Season 1

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tired but Content: Weekend Recap.

I've seriously been going nonstop since school started. When I'm not in class/at work, I'm hanging out with friends and gaming. And I love it. This weekend was awesome, though tiring. It started Thursday night when Amy and I decided it would be much more entertaining to make jello shots than attend a 3 hour studio class. And we were quite right. We called our posse and a few other friends, then started serving drinks while we waited for the jello to set. Kyle and I had a very epic battle in the kitchen, armed with pot shields and spatulas. I hear they're making 300 pt. 2, after our battle. It was that amazing. We also watched Buffy the Musical episode multiple times, singing along at the top of our lungs, and dancing when necessary. While waiting for jello, Amy made some fabulous Margaritas and a peachy drink which name escapes me at the moment. There was also much guitar hero playing, and watching of crazy internet videos. (ROFLMAO ftw. teehee) Friday night we took it easy, because I for one had to work early, and the rest had sufficient alcohol from the night before. We just chilled on the couches and watched more Buffy (go figure. lawl) and Saturday meant work again, but afterwards I took Amy and Cindy shopping and worked my magic. They looked hella hott for the TKE party with makeup and hot outfits to boot. See, I'm not lying! We had a blast, but didn't stay very long, because Amy's friends were having another party in Ankeny. By time we got there, it was pretty dead, but we had a good time playing beer pong and singing and dancing to some favorite songs. My favorite of the evening: Elephant Love Medley from Moulin Rouge.

Love is a many splendored thing,
Love lifts us up where we belong,
All you need is love!
Please, don't start that again
All you need is love!
A girl has got to eat!
All you need is love!
She'll end up on the street! (sigh)
All you need is looooove!
Love is just a game.
I was made for loving you baby,
You were made for loving me.
The only way of loving me baby,
Is to pay a lovely fee.
Just one night,
Give me just one night.
There's no way,
Cause you can't pay.
In the name of love!
One night in the name of love!
You crazy fool,
I won't give in to you.
Don't, leave me this way.
I can't survive, without your sweet love,
Oh baby, don't leave me this way.
You'd think that people would've had enough of silly love songs...
I look around me and I see it isn't so, oh no.
Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs
Well what's wrong with that?
I like to know.
Cause here I go... again...
Love lifts us up where we belong!
Where eagles fly,
On a mountain high!
Love makes us act like we are fools.
Throw our lives away,
For one happy day.
We could be heroes...
Just for one day.
You, you will be mean.
No, I won't.
(sigh) And I, I'll drink all the time.
We should be lovers...
We can't do that.
We should be lovers!
And that's a fact.
Though nothing, would keep us together.
We could steal time...
Just for one day.
We could be heroes,
Forever and ever,
We could be heroes,
Forever and ever,
We can be heroes...
Just because I... will always love you...
...Can't help loving...
How wonderful life is,
Now you're in, the world...

Monday, September 10, 2007

A Great Start to a Great Year!

So Saturday night was our first official kegger in our house. It was amazing. We had a great turn out, just a huge variety of people, lots of new faces, and old ones as well! I also met some more gamers, which is always a plus! The party went pretty strong from 10:30-12:30ish, dancing to music, talking, and having a good time. I did my first keg stand too! I'm excited that we made enough money to cover both kegs; that was one of my worries, and that only one thing got broken, though I have no idea how. Alas, our poor wicker bench. ROFL. Everyone kept complimenting us on how nice our house is, which is always a nice feeling. I felt kind of bad, because we were unable to secure a beer pong table for that night, but we'll definately have one for the next one. I did Amy, Caitlin, Cindy, and Benes' makeup for the party, and was quite pleased with the results. I'm not gonna lie, they looked hella hot, and I've decided to solicit myself as a freelance makeup artist. I'm really excited to set up a studio in our basement, and do makeovers for girls before going out, formals, dates, and so on. I absolutely love makeup and experimenting with color. It's nice to do makeup on other people because the face shapes are so different and unique. I love MAC makeup the most, the colors are so bold and fun, and perfect for my funky and unique style. I also believe makeup should never hide, but only enhance features. I think all women are beautiful, all shapes and sizes, and it's all about the confidence you have in yourself! That's why I'm calling my service . .

"Nothing shines brighter than inner beauty, but makeup always helps!" I'm really excited, I love sharing my passion with others, and helping to inspire confidence and individuality among other women. Maybe that's why I fit so well in with the PMS clan as well; I love being around other formidable women who help others to find their own inner beauty and strength. Um, girls ftw? My only regret about this weekend was not being able to play cod4 much. They raised the ranking on Friday, and I haven't gotten much of a chance to play around and unlock many new features. QQ. Ah, well, back to watch The Empire Strikes Back!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

iTouch = iDrool

Since the release of the iPhone, I've really been considering getting one. They're so sleek and functional, and absolutely beautiful. The only thin holding me back is the fact that the service is AT&T - I wouldn't be able to talk to my family for free on our sprint plan. Then came the discovery of hacking the iPhone for whatever service you wanted. That was exciting, but I still held off. Now they have released the iTouch, an exact replica of the iPhone, minus the cellular nature, and starting at $299. How ungodly hot is that? I don't know if I can say no to that, seriously! <3 <3 <3

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

37 and 5. Destroyed

So my friend Scott just beat my kill streak of 15 on CoD4, so I set out to reclaim it by getting a 17+ kill streak. We join a match on Overgrown, notorious for sniping, and I'm runnign around with my m16 and pretty red tiger camo like a true baller. I'm absolutely destroying the other team, and watching my kill count go up . . . 3 kills - UAV . . . 5 kills - airstrike . . . 7 kills - chopper . . . 10 kills . . . then at 15 kills, two away from beating Scott, the game ends! We just hit 75 kills to end the match! Arrrrrrggggggg! I went 37 and 5. Fucking ridiculous. Seriously.

Rawr @ Gas and Parking!

Ok, seriously. I'm about to go apeshit. Like the diligent student I pretend to be, I left 30 minutes before class this morning, only to spend 20 minutes circling trying to find a parking spot, after having no luck, I decide to go into the parking lot you have to pay for so I can get to class on time. WTF. seriously. as;odifha;lskdfj. makes me want to punch a baby. I do so much driving, and I love my car, a 5 speed honda CRV. It's the size of a mini-SUV, but not a terrible gas guzzler, and perfect for hauling all my shit as a college student with two homes. However, I do a lot of driving between work and school, and sometimes it just doesn't make sense. I think I'm going to start saving up for a new vehicle, and I think I have one picked out.

It's the Honda CBR600F46, a light-weight sports bike. It's only 370 lbs, which is not bad for my size; the dual-purpose dirt bike my dad and I have at home is hella heavy, but I can still manage it. I've wanted a bike for years, so I've decided now that I'm legally able to drive one, I should damn well get one. I'd love a Kawasaki Ninja, but erm, yeah, I think my parents would kill me. Not that they won't already for wanting to get a bike. rofl.