Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I love crack.

When it's in video game form, that is. I've been looking forward to Viva Pinata for the DS since I heard about it's release a few months ago, and on a mad sprint between classes to two Targets and once Best Buy, I finally acquired a copy! And it's everything I dreamed. They made the interface a lot more friendly from the original Xbox version(which was addictive as hell anyway) and did an excellent job transferring from a console game to a duel touch screen game. I must say that's my biggest complaint about DS games is that they might as well be made for the Gameboy Advance if they're not going to make good use of the touch screen. My only problem thus far is the inability to partially zoom out on the garden, but other than that, the game is flawless. I'm super excited for the new species, I've already seen a few, but haven't been able to make them residents yet. I'm glad my favorite feature is still there; creating different evolutions and colors of species. Yayfun!

Spore was also released on Sunday, but the graphics looked terrible for the DS version. I'd rather have the full, pretty version for my computer, however that requires money. And I think I would rather have food to eat. I can't wait to graduate and no longer be in the social class "poor, starving college student".

I was going to bitch about my marketing class some more, and about how haughty and condescending my teacher comes off as, but I'd rather be content with the excellent real world knowledge I gained through my internship. I'm pretty sure I learned more about marketing in three months there than I will at my entire career at Drake, but hey, that's what internships are for, right? Seriously, though, the notes we take in class are over such common sense concepts. Did you know that choosing a candy bar to purchase is a low involvement decision??? (sarcasm) As far as I know, there are no classes that go in depth on HOW to effectively market, and as much as the professors preach about taking advantage of technology, they don't seem to tell how to. (i.e. how to avoid email spam catchers, SEO words, how search engines flag words/phrases)

I suppose it is time to go research for my typography project on Dadaism. Then I can get back to my pinatas!!!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Growing Pains.

So I'm 21, and outgrowing college already. Oh, wait, that was two years ago. I think I've traveled too much, seen too much, and been in the "real world" too much to appreciate what's left of my adolescence. I'm ready to have a job and make something of myself. I'm in upper level classes now, with other seniors, and the ignorance and naivety shocks me. People honestly have no idea wait is waiting outside of their frat parties and meal plans. Maybe it's my fault for going to school in the midwest. Half our class examples/suggestions, from both professors and students, are about production factories or farming. You never hear about consulting firms, marketing firms, software companies, or anything other than something a 5 year old would think of. Maybe that's my creative side coming out, and I'm just being cynical, but come on! There's so much more out there. Speaking of being narrow minded, in some of my marketing classes, the professor asked us to list our interests and what we want to do. Every guy in the class lists "sports marketer" or something of that nature. I guess at least they've advanced from the realization that they're not going to be an pro NFL or MLB player, but seriously, there's more to the world than athletics. No wonder it's been so hard for me to find a guy to date.

Aside from classes, the bar scene is pathetically ridiculous. I know I may be a bit old fashioned being catholic and all, but wow. Sooo many drunken girls going home with random guys. The bars are a complete slutfest, and no lines are drawn. I wish girls would realize there's a way to get attention other than maximum grinding and boob exposure. It's called class. My favorite was watching some pathetically plastered chick last night grinding (quite out of time) with this guy. She was wasted, no idea what's going on, meanwhile the guy is pounding his friends and making crude gestures about what's sure to ensue later that evening. I almost felt sorry for her, but honestly, grow up, and learn how to not get incredibly drunk and hook up with assholes. [don't even get me started on how chicks need to either lay off the beer or not wear such tight clothes. it's called moderation, and exercise. plus, just ewwwww.]

And it's only two weeks into the semester. Oh lord. So I am sending out applications everywhere I can, in eager anticipation of getting into the real world where I can start my career, meet intelligent individuals, and go to bars where I can at least get a fucking Cosmo instead of a nasty "rum and coke" with shitty college bar booze.