Friday, April 30, 2010

Halo Reach

So, I haven't blogged in like a year. I know, I'ma slacker, but there hasn't been too much thats been blog worthy.

Yesterday, I checked my xbox messages expecting the usual round of "Quit watching Netflix!", which is what I do with my xbox while I play WoW. But to my surprise a good friend a Bungie sent me a Halo Reach beta key with the words "Play the damn beta!"

Now I'll admit, I kinda fell of the Bungie fangirl bus after Halo 3, and haven't had any pressing urge to buy ODST(even after playing at Pax Prime), therefor hadn't been keeping track of any other Halo games. So I smiled at the message and went right back to farming Heroics in WoW.

Then Faith hops on in IRC wanting people to play Reach with her, and I figure, what the fuck, my controllers been pretty neglected, let's check this shit out. 2 hours later(fffffuuuuuu timewarner!) I finish downloading, and start up matchmaking with Stan.

Our first flag match was on a remake of a favorite Halo 1 map of mine, Prisoner, so I already had the upper hand. I had fun toying with the new weapons, but to my surprise and giddy delight, when I pulled out my secondary weapon, it was a pistol, reminiscent of the Halo 1 magnum.

Until 4am I was running around in utter ecstasy picking off people with my pistol and scooping up flaming skulls in my favorite gametype, Headhunter. It's an FFA game where when you kill someone, they drop a flaming skulls, which you then scoop up, and deposit in constantly moving target areas. This game type is genius and hella fun, because if you're like me, you always have a really high kill count, the struggle is getting the damn skulls to a drop point before you get picked off! Aggggh, I dropped like 7-10 skulls so many times it was infuriating, but holy crap this game type is a blast!

Anyway, I'm gonna try to get some work done so I can play more Reach!