Sunday, April 26, 2009

Halo Sucks!

So I made my obligatory appearance at my friends' frat party tonight. Walking back to my car I passed a frat house I never really party at. I hear someone yell "Halo", so naturally I turn my head to see. I don't recognize the voice's owner, but upon seeing me look they yell "sniper rifle", miming shooting at me. I laugh and continue walking, flipping them off over my shoulder when I hear "Halo 1 sucks"!. They call my gamertag, but I'm already turning the corner.

There's a reason I don't party at that frat house. Mostly because one of their dominant members was the "best halo player on campus" until I beat him to a bloody pulp in a 4v4 tournament on campus a few years back. [and yes, there was much corpse humping] It's still nice to know, 2 weeks from graduation, I'm "that chick. you know, the one that's really good at video games."

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I got my first Ugly Doll, Plunko! A friend from my painting class surprised me with the little guy on Thursday, I was so excited, I incorporated him into my landscape painting(will post pics when complete)

Isn't he adorable? Totally made up for my terrible Wednesday night! Yes, I am obsessed with Ugly Dolls.hehehe. now I think it is time to avoid homework and play video games. WoW or Resident Evil, I can't decide. Hmmmmm. . . .

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Game On Ladies

Edited Brenna's amazing Frag Doll application video last night in under 6 hours. I'm kinda amazing like that. She's so effing awesome, the video turned out fab!

I wish I always worked like I do under pressure and tight deadlines; I seem to do my best work. There has to be some way to harness my brain power at the stage and use it ALL the time.

Still apartment/job searching in Seattle. After putting out close to 50 resumes all over the US and getting NOTHING back, I talked to some of my design professors. When I told Connie I wanted to end up in Seattle, she told me to move there, wait tables, network, and do any freelance jobs I can get until the economy improves. I'm adventurous and tend to land on my feet, so that's what I'm gonna do. I've always said I'm gonna be awesome and make my dreams come true, so FUCK YOU ECONOMY!

Ughhhh, downloading the WoW patch to fix the LAST Wow patch,atm. Hopefully things get better. And hopefully people stop freaking about the duel-spec fee and stop trying to make gold quick by fucking the auction house over. It's getting really annoying seeing crap posted for waaay less than it's worth because a few people want money fast and don't care how it affects everyone else.

Maybe I'll go play CoD4 while waiting, because I've been craving it since editing Brenna's vid. I should really be working on painting for class, but I'm thoroughly unmotivated atm. Also, I know I'm a bit late, but HAPPY VELOCIRAPTOR AWARENESS DAY! My apologies to those of you who've lost loved ones to the vicious creatures. Also, if you don't read XKCD, a webcomic by Randall Munroe, you should. It's brilliant.

video for the day. i'm so addicted.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why Did I Ever Stop Doing Pilates?

They rock! Great way to start the day, very soothing yet awakening(lol, terrible wc) Wanna add a level of difficulty to your Pilate routine? get a cat. they don't understand the concept of working out and think it's cuddle time. lol. Also, I've decided bras are dumb. I haven't worn one in a week. It's lovely. And my prof has a rubix cube drawn on the board. I assume it's for some lame diagram, but I stopped paying attention 20 minutes ago. Back to writing papers and submitting job apps for me!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Tuna Salad Sandwich & Other Thoughts

So growing up we were never a big tuna family. I don't think I ever saw a can in our house and never had the desire for a tuna salad. But today I did, so I grabbed some tuna from the grocery store($.62 at walmart), some celery, and made an awesome tuna salad sandwich from stuff around my apartment! A cheap and tasty meal!

- one can of tuna
- one finely chopped celery stalk
- 2 squirts of lemon juice
- spoonful of mayonnaise
- 2 spoonfuls of cottage cheese
- few pinches of dill

I'm really starting to love not just cooking, but exploring and creating. I'm considering possibly writing/designing a cookbook. The Single Girl's Cookbook, or something along those lines. Because there are a lot of women who live alone, and that's why I didn't cook for so long. Why bother if I'm the only one eating it? Maybe I'll just start another blog of tasty one-two serving recipes and of course, a whole section on chocolate desserts!!!

Society and everything we see seems to send the message that it's shameful for women to be single, and should devote their time to finding Prince Charming. 50 years ago, that line of thinking was probably appropriate, but now, with everything we have available to us, I think women should be devoting their time to loving themselves, discovering their potential, and pursuing dreams that don't include a long walk in a white dress. It's awesome that some women can find their soul mate and be happy, but it shouldn't be forced down our throats everywhere we look. Or maybe I should just stop watching chick flicks? Either way, I really want to find a way to reach other twenty-something women to let them know there's more than one way to a happy-ever-after, and it doesn't have to include a man.

"I threw up. I saw the ring and I threw up. That can't be normal." Carrie
"That's my reaction to marriage." Samantha
- Sex and the City