Thursday, June 11, 2009

Red Faction Guerilla!

woot woot new game! it's supafun.

also, my new name shall be xXxHUTTxSLUTxXx. hahahaha good times in IRC.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Theme Hospital

So as I browse my twitterfeed somewhat jealously due to all the E3 tweets, I came across former FD Jinx's site for E3, and she mentioned she saw Peter Molyneux, who created Bullfrog Productions and then Lionshead Studios. (They did Fable, am I ringing a bell, now?) Anyway, Bullfrog is the creator of one of my all time favorite games, ridiculous as it may be, Theme Hosptial. It's a simulation hospital with a warped sense of humor, annoying but awesome music, is surprisingly challenging, and completely addicting.

Nostalgia hit, and I started looking for it again. Apparently they made a playstation port way back, and it became available for Download on the PS3 Jan 1st.Hrm, I may have to look into getting one, now. (i know, it's pathetic. don't judge me.) Or maybe some nerd with have messed with it enough to make it available to DL and play now on something other than DOS.