Thursday, December 25, 2008

spoiled brat.

i am one. i didn't think my parents were getting me anything for christmas, because they're building their empty nester dream house and thats a big chunk of change. but my mom hands me a box this morning, and i unwrap it to reveal the EF 75-300mm zoom lens. I've been using my stock lens that is 18-55mm. So I'm pretty freaking excited. even though i still feel like shit and hacking up ungodly amounts of phlegm.

Old lens:

New one:

My mom bought Shaun White Roadtrip (a snowboarding game) for their wii. I've been watching my dad and sister playing it all day, it's really freaking funny. my sister gets all into it, and when it's her turn my dad backseat games soooo bad. "oh, don't hit that tree!" "get that crown, get that crown!" the game does have a pretty decent soundtrack though, i'll give it that.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

You almost feel bad for them . . .

but it's their damn fault for recording their epic failures.

Monday, December 22, 2008


ugh. i feel like death. being sick sucks. damn you, finals, papers, and projects for stressing me out and attacking my immune system.

At least I have christmas movies to keep me happy, because apparently my xbox is a fan of sucking and my internet is being ghey. it's not been a good break thus far. got home, realized i forgot my toiletries and all my makeup. the normal person would say, "oh, just go buy more stuff", except I am a makeup snob. The makeup bag I carry around easily costs $300 between my concealers(bare minerals), color palettes by Mac, lipsticks and gloss, liners, mascara, and especially my brushes. So I can't just go an easily replace that. grrr. Speaking of makeup, 15 year old girls make me laugh. they line their eyes completely in black, and think it looks good. they look more like raccoons. honestly, who came up with that idea, and who continues to let it exist. the best was going out to dinner with my family and seeing a chick in her 20s sporting the raccoon look. seriously? [can you tell i'm an even cattier bitch when I'm sick and feeling like shit?]

Other things that annoy me:

- up and coming gaming websites that try to get publicity by using half naked girls heavily photoshopped. i love the female body, don't get me wrong, I'm a huge supporter of Suicide Girls and alternative beauty, but christ, us women in the gaming industry have enough trouble getting respect as is. when sites pull shit like that, is just further encourages male chauvinistic views that women only play video games in their undergarments for male pleasure.

- drivers who don't understand the concept of parallel parking. whether it's leaving half a car-length on either side when they park, or tailing you ass when you clearly have your blinker on to parallel park. makes me want to punch them in the face

- female biological clock. if you want to be a woman with a sucessful career and a family, you have a short window to do it. Well established career by 25, married by 27, kids by 30. fuck. For me, graduating at 21, that only gives me 4-6 years to build my reputation and find my dream job before I have to worry about popping out babies. Especially since I want a big family (2 boys, 2 girls, preferrably), and to have my own photography studio and Graphic Design firm with 2-5 employees, so I can be a working stay-at-home mom.

- being sick. i'm dizzy, my throat hurts, my joints ache, my skin hurts from even the lightest touch, and i can't talk.

- bluetooth headsets. more specifically, people who wear them 24/7, even though they're not using them. it's like, are you trying to prove how hip you are by wearing one? or are you just hoping that bright blue flashing light will summon the nearest UFO to pick you up? Good luck with that one, I'm pretty sure they only like doing experiments on intelligent life forms. ;) kthnxbai.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm a fermata. Hold Me.

I come across music in the oddest ways. Well,maybe not the oddest, but I'll hear something I like, and go crazy trying to find it. One of my favorite artistic works, featured on my sidebar, has the most amazing music to it. I recently heard the same song on a commercial for Slumdog Millionare (which I really want to see), and went searching. The song is Hoppípolla by Sigur Rós, a band from Iceland. And it's brilliant.

Also, I find cool music when cute boys mail me CDs with insanely amusing drawings. of the deathstar. tie fighters. zombies. and raving stick figures.

p.s. 18 credit hours sucks. five finals and two design projects due. hohum.

random thoughts as I study for International business. . .

- just found a typo in my notes "International Bond Market: market of bongs sold by issuing companies, governments, and others outside their countries" lol?

- every time I see the word "arbitrage" i think of the arbiter from halo. then i giggle at how annoying the storyline flipping back and forth was. and then i want to play video games. hmpf.

- my cat is AWESOME at laying on top of my notes, just when i'm really getting focused.

- i would probably be better at studying if i wasn't such an internet junkie. or if i was remotely interested in international financial markets.
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Friday, December 12, 2008


Seriously. So ugly, they're adorable. Is it odd that I really really want one? or three? rofl.

rawrhelvetica. typography troubles.

damn overused sans serifs! i'm going crazy. i keep wanting a clean, thin sans serif, but haven't found one yet. i've always been a fan of century gothic, but it's just too geometric and round for practical uses. gills sans is another default of mine, i love the interesting slants and angles of the ascenders and descenders, but it just has too playful of a feel for the more conservative work I do at the judicial branch.

blarg. however, i've become addicted to warnock pro. lots of different weights to play with and serifs that are the perfect combination of round and angular. and i'm obsessing about type . . . i'm a nerd. at least i'm in the right career.

life of a designer, eh? [hahahaha, i totally said 'eh'. roflcanada]

also, it's nice getting little self-esteem booster every once in a while in the form of really sincere compliments.

"no when i found out that you were a gamer and were actually not a fucking retard fuckball and had intellectual undertones nobody seemed to notice. even when you were a lil tipsy i could tell you would think before saying something. and that's rare as it is for anybody".

unfortunately, i'm one of those females who's sees through the stupid "you're beautiful" lines. i'm not much of a romantic either.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


sounds like a fun new project for stress relief.

how epic is this?

and this.

squeee! so cute!

also, thank you to the jerks sitting behind me in finance reeking of smoke. i have a headache now.

ephemeral state of ambiguity.

can you take a sleeping pill after drinking a beer? id rather not cry myself to sleep.


im not damaged goods. [thats probably a lie]

new thought. i wanted to go straight to Seattle after graduation, but backpacking through Spain has crossed my mind. i'm in need of an adventure.

Monday, December 8, 2008

You're Fucking Dumb.

the life of a designer. everyone around is dumb. and thinks they know what they're talking about. but they don't. seriously, though, i want to punch a fucking baby. i'm in another long, unproductive meeting for my marketing group. asdfkajskfj. they want stupid things, like putting a Call to Action in the logo. wtf? that's not the point of a logo . . . and they wanted me to describe the loyalty card. what is there to describe? we're soliciting a marketing plan, they can see it for themselves. fuck, if we were doing artwork for a blind person maybe, but do we have to explain everything like were talking to a two year old? and if the teacher really wants that, maybe she should teach at a less prestigious university where writing at a fifth grade level is acceptable.

and on the writing aspect - i don't mean to be a snob, but i've written more structually advanced essays IN SPANISH than what my peers and groupmates write for projects and final papers. i don't get it, seriously.