Sunday, February 3, 2008

Everthing Happens for a Reason.

Coming home from school for winter break I was exhausted when some asshole rear-ended me in a Ford Explorer. I was pissed because I've never been in a wreak before, and he munched the back of my car pretty bad. Not only that, but he gave me false insurance information because he wasn't insured. He said he'd pay out of pocket, but it took forever, so my car didn't even go into the shop until a few days before break was over. I wasn't very happy about having to tramp around in the snow for 2 weeks to get to class.

This weekend finally came for me to get my car back, so my mom drove up on Friday to pick me up. She told me that my dog, Jessie, was dying, her organs were starting to shut down, and this is the last time I would see her. She wasn't in pain, just old and ready to sleep. We got home and I was able to spend time with her and say goodbye. She died Saturday morning around 8 am, one day short of her 14th birthday. She started doing really bad earlier this week, but I know she held on just so I could say goodbye, which is the most amazing gift a person could ask for. She was one of my best friends, an amazing dog and companion, and I'm going to miss her sleeping in my bed and following me around the house. She's been in my life the past decade, and it's hard to imagine being without her. I'm crying writing this, and I know it will be a while before I'm able to stop. I don't know why, if I just wish I could hug her one more time, or if I'm crying out of joy because she waited for me to say goodbye.