Monday, July 21, 2008

Seattle Road Trip Recap in pictures

The weekend of the fourth Aras and I flew to Seattle to see friends and pick up his car from his sister. On Monday we started our long cross country journey home to Des Moines, IA. Pics or it didn't happen, yo!

Leaving the beautiful Seattle mountains.

Super cute inn we stayed at.

Wyoming, I think?

Devil's Tower. lol.

Rapid City, the city of presidents.

Picking George's nose

Ooooh, pretty.

El oh el.

Six foot rabbit.

How many random things can we take pictures with?


Monday, July 14, 2008

I suck at this.

I'm seriously the most sporadic blogger ever. Maybe it's just cause I go through periods where I'm immensely boring and have nothing to write about. Or I'm sooper busy and just don't have time to write about what I'm sooper busy doing. So recap since the last blog.
  1. Finished last semester with two D's, which blew, but I was taking 18 credit hours, working 20 hours a week, and managing the PMS COD4 division which took 15+ hours a week; hence no time to blog. Boo hiss.
  2. Started my internship at SoftVu in Kansas City. Some stuff I've done.
    North American Savings Bank
    SoftVu Webpage Updates
  3. Renewed my addiction to
  4. [interjection]for some reason, my work computer is freaking out, and the enter button is not working. seriously. wtf?
  5. Ok, back at home with a working enter button. Whoopee! Went on an amazing road trip with the love of my life, which shall be saved for the next blog
  6. Decided to pursue my career in graphic design once I graduate in the spring.
  7. Stepped down from the role of the Call of Duty 4 divisional leader to focus on other aspects of my life and play WoW.
umm, and that's all for now! <3