Sunday, May 30, 2010

Alan Wake Collectables Guide

This game is awesome. No lies. I'm a huge fan of the story line, the voice acting, and the subtle humor and context of this game. Probably the best story game I've played since Bioshock. Not only that, but the achievables for this game are frequent and make you feel as though you're accomplishing something through the game. And then there are the frusterating ones where you have to find a tooon of collectibles. Because I don't have a capture card and a gazillion hours to make nice videos, I'm at least going to list where to find everything here for you!

This will help you get achievements Every Nook and Cranny, Hypercaffeinated, Picking Up After Yourself, Collector's Edition, Bright Falls Aficionado, & KBF-FM. (And if it's your first run-through, all the part of the way achievables too.)

(i'm still editing this)

Episode One: Nightmare

Alan & The Hitchhiker

[Thermos #1] Stay on the road you hit the hitchhiker on in episode one and it’ll be in the middle of the broken bridge.

[Thermos # 2] In the bunker just after you pick up the gun and torch. Be careful, if you jump down the edge to the left of the bunker, you can’t go back!

[Thermos #3] Before you enter the lighthouse, on the bench on the right. Be quick... hurricane’s a coming!

The Town & Cauldron Lake

[Thermos #4] At the back in the diner underneath the red and blue neon sign.

[Thermos #5] Once you get to Cauldron Lake, before walking Alice across the bridge, turn around and run up the winding path to where the car is. There is one in front of the car. Yes, the path takes forever, don't worry, it's up at the top at the scenic overlook.

[Radio #1] A Famous Guest - On the deck of the cabin right before Alan/Alice argument cutscene

[Thermos #6] In the kitchen on the worktop of the cabin at Cauldron Lake.

[Pages #1 & #2] You’ll find the first two Manuscript pages as part of the game’s main storyline. You’ll get them right after leaving the car. You can't miss them!

[Page #3 Nightmare Mode Only] You’ll find this page beside a fallen tree near the entrance of the wood supply point.

[Thermos #7] When you see Stucky for the first time, head right slightly, past the digger and it’s just in front of a truck.

[Supply Crate #1](After meeting Stucky) Turn on search light at logging and follow the yellow arrows around to the left back to the hidden chest.

[Page #4] Laying in the wood supply point. It’s on the ground beside a dead person.

[Page #5] Next to the second Flare Gun. Located in a shed near the destroyed excavator. The page will be attached to a wall and shimmers brightly.

[Thermos #8] When you get to crossing the river on foot, walk over the first tree and then make an immediate left when you get across. Follow the small island up and you’ll see it at the end

[Page #6] Found on the rocks, near the river. Atop a white box.

[Supply Crate #2]At the second logging camp go left with the yellow arrows and climb the ladder on the wood stack and turn right to the shed.

[Page #7 Nightmare Mode Only] Find this one on your way to the second supply point. It’ll be in between on some rocks.

[Thermos #9] After the “staircase is broken” line in the second part of the logging yard follow the path left and then straight on (into the really foggy bit) – it’s there on a rock to the right.

[Page #8] Near a section where you face three enemies. It is in a small building in the second supply point.

[Supply Crate #3] After using the crane to bypass the broken stairs follow the path around you should see a junk car (close to a shed)

[Radio #2] Have You Seen This Dog - In a shed just after using the forest equipment to make a bridge across two lumber piles, right behind safe haven

[TV #2] In front of the gate to the lumber yard, there is an office with the button to get into the lumber yard. This office also has a TV.

[Page #9] This one is found in a middle path directly after you turn on the radio in a lit-up shed.

[Page #10]Near a forest area where enemies keep respawning, you’ll find this Page on a path that leads to a light post.

[Thermos #10] After the second logging area – where Alan mentions that the gas station is getting closer, the thermos is on the cliffs edge before you bear left.

[Thermos #11] After jumping down and following the cliff edge to the safe haven (on the way to the garage). Follow the cliff-side further and there will be another thermos hidden behind a big rock by a red and white barrel.

[Supply Crate #4] You will come to a drop, take the left path up a hill and it will be near a gate.

[TV #1] In Stucky's Gas Station just before you call the Sheriff.

[Page #11]This Page is located next to a Sawmill gate. It’ll be laying on the floor.

[Thermos #12] After dispatching Stucky in the third logging yard, the coffee thermos is on the right side of the farthest digger.

[Page #12] At the gas station on the floor, found near a Deerfest ornament

[Thermos #13] Underneath the huge gasoline sign outside the garage.

[Thermos #14] As you enter the gas station yard, walk on to the road, head left and run down to the end to get the thermos sat by the truck. Get ready to fight Taken.

[Page #13 Nightmare Mode Only] The final page in Episode 1 is found on the wall at the Gas State. You’ll see it beside the restrooms. Walk around to the back of the building to find the area with the Page.

[Sign # 1] 68th Annual Deerfest Sign – In the garage shop at the end of the level.

Episode Two: Taken

Wake's Apartment

[Thermos #15] In the design room next by Alice.

[Pages #14 and #15] Located on Alan’s desk in his study.

Bright Falls Police Station

[Thermos #16] Out of the first room and head straight ahead. Thermos is on the table in the far room across the police station lobby.

[Sign #2] “Have You Seen This Man” – Wanted sign on a bulletin board in the police station by Sarah Breaker's office.

[Page #16] On the floor in the Police Station. Found in a room with a small table in the center.

[Page #17] Inside a cell in the Police Station. Next sheet is in one of the cells at the police station.

[Thermos #17] When you get outside into the parking lot, via the cells, the coffee thermos is dead ahead with a radio.

[Radio #3] Deerfest Floats Are Very Exciting - Police station parking lot unmissable unless your blind

[Page #18] Found atop a rock near a rusty car (located behind the Police Station).

[TV #3] automatic upon re-entering police station

Elderwood National Park

[Sign #3] The skeleton of a Colombian Mammoth – inside the lobby of the Elderwood National Park Visitor’s Center.

[Thermos #18] On the counter between the kitchen and the lobby of the Elderwood National Park Visitor’s Center.

[Thermos #19] In the kitchen of the cabin that Barry and Alan go to first.

[Thermos #20]As soon as you come out the cabin, run around the back and there will be one sat on the hot tub on the decking.

[Page #19] After leaving the rented Cabin in Elderwood National Park, you’ll find beside a yellow car and a shed.

[Radio #4] Doc Nelson's Plans - After leaving your cabin Radio is in the next cabin you pass.

[TV #4] Next Abandoned cabin down the path.

[Page #20] On the floor of the Arbor. Take a right from the main road after passing the trailer and phone booth.

[Page #21] Inside a car’s trunk (back of car). You’ll find the car next to a phone booth on the main road.

[Thermos #21] When you get down into the area where the Visitor’s Center is, there is a cabin on the left, head inside for your thermos.

[Page #22] Near the entrance to the building. You’ll need to use Rusty’s Key to get in.

[Page #23] Found on the floor in the building you entered using Rusty’s Key.

[Thermos #22] Head around back of the building to find another thermos.

[Page #24] Found after beating Rusty. You’ll see it on a wooden table beside a sightseeing area.

[Supply Crate #5] Follow the sign posts to moonshine cave, go through the door and its at the back of the cave

[Sign #4] The Moonshine Cave - After passing down the second set of stairs and over the bridge on the nature trail of Elderwood Park, instead of following the path to Lover’s Peak, follow the boardwalk around to the Moonshine Cave. Inside there will be a Moonshine Cave sign.

[Page #25] There will be a branching path near where you fight three enemies beyond the Moonshine Cave and a phone booth. There’s a bridge beyond that takes you to the next part of the level with a light source on the left, take the RIGHT path instead to find this Page on a wooden table.

[Sign #5] After crossing the second bridge on the way to Lover’s Peak, follow the path to Lover’s Peak and there will be a sign in front of a huge tree with a hole in it. Stick to the path and you won’t miss it.

[Thermos #23]After crossing the third bridge on the way to Lover’s Peak (the one with the generator) – immediately head right – on the cliff side of the fence and follow it round. There is one on a rock at the far end of that small walkway.

[Page #26] Beside a light post powered by a generator, on the floor. You’ll also see a red Emergency Box here.

[Thermos #24] After going under a small passage way called the “Through Tree”, bear right down the path towards the tree cut, it’s on the picnic table.

[Sign #6] The Tree Cut - After the third bridge in Episode 2, on the way to Lover’s Peak, after going under a small passage way called the “Through Tree”, bear right down the path towards a tree cut and read the sign.

[Page #27] Find this Page after leaping over a damaged fence. It’ll be atop a rock.

[Thermos #25] Behind the map on the right just before you walk on the Lover’s Peak boardwalk (the one with the love heart engraved in the wood).

[Supply Crate #6] After your fall with the kidnapper, instead of going the right way, turn around and follow the path down. you will find it in another cave

[Page #28] After you fight the Taken, look on the ground. You’ll find this Page on a sightseeing platform along with the kidnapper.

[Page #29] When you come across the Bear Traps amongst the Barrels, stop moving. Look in the distance to the other side of the river and you’ll spot a building. Now follow in a line towards the building and you should come across this page on the ground near the edge.

[Page #30] Check the floor near a generator. It is one that you use to create a light source for yourself in the forest.

[Thermos #26] After falling, crossing through the bear trap infested forest, climbing over the log, up a steep angled log and turning on a generator, there is a thermos in the hut behind the generator.

[Supply Crate #7] Climb the path toward the plane, go to the back of it and use the right wing to climb up to this chest

[Thermos #27] After dropping down the cliff after the generator, dropping again, head left to the cliff line by the river and follow it down. On the high point, there is a coffee thermos.

[Page #31] On the balcony in the mill.

[Page #32] Also found within the mill. You’ll find it on the bags of flour. It is next to a platform that you need to lift to gain access to proceed in the game.

[Thermos #28] On the second floor inside a room at the back of the mill, after kicking the weight and jumping across on to the platform.

[Page #33] Found in a wood supply point after leaving the mill. Located inside a building where you find a Hunting Rifle. Jump over and behind the boxes to find it.

[Thermos #29] As you get out of the woods after the mill, there is a trailer park. Before you enter it, there is a thermos on the bench.

[Page #34] In the Camping Field near the toilets. It’s next to a trash.

[TV #5] Automatic. In the mens' bathroom.

[Thermos #30] After getting in the car and busting through the gates, instead of heading towards Wheeler, head the other way (right) and get the thermos in front of the barricade.

[Supply Crate #8]when you get the car keep driving until you see a logging truck in the middle of the road. go right here and you will find it in a small shed

[Page #35] You’ll find this sheet in a tunnel. To find it, look for a truck that is carrying wood that blocks your path. Drive around it and continue following the asphalt road. Eventually you’ll find a tunnel with the Page inside.

[Thermos #31] After getting to the blocked tunnel, just on the left side of a stack of tree logs is a picnic bench with a thermos on top. It's on the main road. Do not head up the hill/across the parking lot to Barry.

[Page #36 (Nightmare Mode Only)] You’ll find it on the path you need to follow to get back to Barry and the cabin

[Supply Crate #9] Returning to Barry there will be birds to fight. The chest is at the back of the house. Do this before going to Barry.

Episode Three: Ransom

Trailer Park

[Thermos #32] On a picnic bench at the end of the lot, by the boat that fell out the sky.

[TV #6] Rose's Room

[Thermos #33]. There is one on the kitchen counter in Rose’s kitchen.

[Page #37] Found in front of Rose’s trailer.

[Radio #5] Snyder's Feeling the Pressure - When leaving Rose's trailer continue to exit the park and right before the gate that you had to wait for Randolph to open, the radio is sitting in front of a trailer door

On the run

[Page #38] Located on a branch that you pass by while running from the police. It is right before the cop car crashes.

[Page #39] After the cop car crashes, follow the road to the right and this page will be on the ground to your left.

[Radio #6] Peabody Heard Gunfire - After the chase scene in the forest go up into tower that's a safe haven with flash grenades

[Thermos #34] There is a thermos inside the guard post tower, as well as the radio.

[Thermos #35] In between the generator and the spotlight just after 34 is a thermos on a rock.

[Radio #7] At a safe haven, can't miss it.

[Page #40] Found on the edge next to a bridge. It’s after you find the flashbangs and a radio show in the middle of the forest.

[Supply Crate #10] Past the safe haven (with the flashbangs) you will see the rock if you keep to the path that points right. follow this and it will lead you to another cave with a generator in it.

Radio Station

[Thermos #36] Underneath the billboards outside the radio station.

[Page #41] On your way to the Railroad Station from the Radio Station. You’ll see the Page hanging on a fence to your left.

[Thermos #37] After leaving the radio station and activating the generator by the safe haven further into the forest, bear right, hug the cliff and then follow it up the winding road towards the radio mast. Half way up there will be a coffee thermos on the cliff edge overlooking the radio station you’ve just left.

[Page #42] On a mountain path from the rusty car and generator at top of long winding path at radio mast

[Page #43] Clipped to a gate that you will come across after leaving an area full of lamps and sheds.

[Thermos #38] After #37 (and the manuscript at the radio mast), head on towards the objective. Not long after the original safe haven, you will come across a shack with three lights surrounding it. Defeat the Taken that ambush you and then push on to your objective. Not far on from the aforementioned shack is another shack on the right of the track with a coffee thermos in it.

[Page #44] Atop a rock after the shed and lamp-filled area above.

[Page #45] Beyond the rail tracks in a small meadow.

[Supply Crate #11] After a weird phone call. head left up the hill (will be after a stump with a manuscript page on it)

[Page #46] After you’ve gone through the railway bridge, you’ll find this Page on the floor beside a ladder, while poltergeist crap is flying at you.

[Page #47 Nightmare Mode Only] Directly off the railway bridge on a snag, turn tightly to find it.

[Thermos #39] After crossing the bridge and dropping into the railway yard underneath the water tower, there is a thermos to your right up a ramp in the corner.

[TV #7] Top Story of Building

[Page #48] Located on a wooden balcony of the building that leads to the railway station.

[Thermos #40] After defeating the bulldozer and opening the next gate, on the right side in the first section is a thermos.

Mirror Peak

[Thermos #41] At the beginning of the daytime section, if you drive down the road, then when it turns to gravel and is about to take you under a bridge, stop. Get out and run up the hill to the right to the cliff-edge. Look for the red seat and the thermos on it.

[Radio #8] Maine's Anger - in abandoned barn thingy.

[Radio #9] Some sort of ranger tower on the right

[Page #49] You’ll find this page on the pathway to the coal mine. When driving you should spot a building with a rusty car on your left. You’ll find this Page inside the building on it’s top floor.

[Sign #7] The Bright Falls Coal Mine – Mid-way through episode 3, outside the main entrance to the mine, there is a sign on the left. More mining signs – right next door to #7

[Page #50] Beside a red building on the floor near at the Coal Mine.

[Thermos #42] Just to the right of the main entrance into the coal mine (in the day time, sometime after #40), there will be a mine entrance with a thermos tucked away in the corner.

[Thermos #43] After the cutscene inside the coal mine building – where day changes to night – there will be a thermos downstairs.

[Page #51] On the ground after exiting the building through the floor hatch.

[Page #52] After the yard with a crapton of fallen and poltergeist objects, and cutting the power to a fence, in a building you’ll see a ladder you can climb. You’ll then find this sheet atop a pile of wood. It is beside a sign that reads “FOLLOW”. There’s also a red armchair and thermos.

[Thermos #44] In the top room of the building where you de-electrify the fence outside in the train yard.

[Page #53] Directly after leaving the mine, you’ll find this Page on a rock beside the path.

[Supply Crate #12] After leaving the mine follow path till you reach a fork in the road. take the path away from the objective (will be leading up) and it will be in a mine

[Thermos #45] After leaving the train yard, picking up manuscript #48, there will be a fork in the path, right to Mirror Peak, left up to a mine shaft and a broken bridge with a coffee thermos on top.

[Thermos #46] After crossing the bridge, you’ll be given two ways to get to Mirror Peak – there is a small lake in the middle. Whichever way you go, make sure you do a full lap and you’ll come across a fairly big red cabin with a coffee thermos in and plenty of supplies. I’d recommend going left... you can even see it on the horizon slightly.

[Page #54 Nightmare Mode Only] Before you enter the Abandoned Town. This Page is on the rocks that block your path.

[Page #55] In the Abandoned Town next to a bridge.

[Sign #8] “Gray Peak Gorge” – After the graveyard in episode 3, which is after the coal mine, the train yard, and in a place Alan calls a ghost town. Just over the bridge.

[Page #56 Nightmare Mode Only] In the Abandoned Town after you cross the bridge. You’ll find it by searching the buildings to your left.

[Thermos #47] Inside the last red building on the right inside the first bit of the area Alan likes to call the “ghost town.” It’s incidentally across a bridge after the graveyard.

[Thermos #48] After fighting the poltergeist ridden steam train, there is a hut with a key in it for the building with the locked door. Behind that building is a thermos.

[TV #08] In building

[Supply Crate #13] Just after climbing some ladders follow the left side mountain wall. (around the time you get a text)

[Page #57] In the Silver Mine near some water (Where Alan gets his headache).

[Page #58] Located in a cave within the Silver Mine. You can see your way out from this cave and the Page will be on the floor.

[Thermos #49] When in the mines, having reached the open area where the roof caves in on your path out and the Taken charges through the wood. Kill them and follow the route down, just around the corner there will be a left turn with a thermos in it.

[Page #59] At a hilltop from the Silver Mine. There will be a wooden construction ladder. You’ll find the page after climbing the ladder and the gazillion steps.

[Sign #9] “Cauldron Lake” – After the silver mine, passing over the valley on the cable cart and by a safe haven up the hill. Can’t really miss this one.

[Supply Crate #14]After crossing the suspension bridge, stay close to the left wall and you should find it behind a rock

[Thermos #50] Across the other side and on the left, on the cliff edge, after going across the huge suspension bridge.

[Page #60] On a rock next to a narrow path after crossing the bridge where Alan is attacked by enemies on both sides.

[Thermos #51] After fighting through the ruins of the large building – where the floor falls through, there is a thermos round by the back gate, before heading down the hill to the objective

[Page #61] You’ll find this page after the Ruins, it’ll be on some wooden stairs.

Episode Four: Truth

Cauldron Lake Lodge

[Sign #10] A huge sun dial on the balcony when you’re walking with Hartman. “Beyond the shadow...” reads the poem on it.

[Thermos #52] In the downstairs lobby of the lodge. The first room after talking to Hartman on the balcony.

[Sign #11] “The Creator’s Dilemma” – a poster by the main entrance to the lodge. After going inside after sign #10.

[Thermos #53] Follow the stairs up from #51 and there is one on the opposite balcony to the generator.

[Sign #12] “Welcome to Cauldron Lake Lodge” – After following Hartman through the passage after exiting the main lobby area of the lodge, on the right wall there is this sign.

[Radio #9] A Conversation About Love - You will find it in “Cauldron Lake Lodge” on the left in the office after you come in.

[Page #62] You’ll find this first Page of episode 4 from Hartman’s patients in the dining room.

[Page #63] Beside the stairs on the path to the keys and unconscious nurse.

[Page #64] Found in the room where you discover Hartman’s recordings. On the way to Hartman’s Office.

[Thermos #54] Behind Barry on the window sill when you first meet him and subsequently rescue him.

[Page #65] This Page is part of the story and given to you in a cutscene.

[Page #66] In a room with a TV. You’ll visit it after removing the Bear Statues with the Flare.

[Thermos #55] After exiting the lodge, stay on the stone path, go right and follow it to the wrought iron gate and it’ll be on the left at the end.

[Sign #13] After leaving the lodge interior and making it into the courtyard, there is a statue as a center-piece there, read the sign. It reads, “Suspended, Lauren Miller, 1989.”

[Page #67] This Page is hidden within the maze beside a tree.

[Page #68] Also found within the maze. You’ll need to reach the paved square, then turn left. You’ll find a bench with the Page atop it.

[Page #69] Inside a shed in front of a light post. After you fight Hartman’s thugs.

[Page #70] In the garden on the ground. Get it after destroying the Haunted Gate with your flashlight.

[Thermos #56] On the gazebo outside when you meet the dark presence controlled orderly.

[Supply Crate #15] After going through the maze and after a mini boss fight, you will come to an area with a water feature in the middle. its in the far right corner over the fence

[Thermos #57] After navigating the small water feature, climbing the steps and coming to a safe haven, there is a thermos directly ahead. There are a couple of small tables, some plants and supplies here.

[Page #80] Located on a stone fence in the Garden. Turn left from the table with the Shotgun and follow the path.

[Thermos #58] At the end of a small elevated wooden platform on the way to the Anderson farm. It is protected by two barrels... and you have no torch. There are steps to get to it, or you could use the walkway from the mine.

[Thermos #59] At a small camp site with tents, by a heavy duty flashlight.

[Thermos #60] After avoiding the bear traps on the main path, you will come to a ruined building with a generator outside. There is one on the window sill on the first floor.

[Page #81] To find this page, you need to go through a small railway bridge. Now turn left. When you come across the lamp, take another left and enter the tunnel that the lamp illuminates. You’ll find this Page at the end of the tunnel.

[Page #82] You’ll find this Page on a wooden platform near the generator. It is the generator that you’ll use to turn on the light post to destroy the possessed gate.

[Page #83] Directly after leaving the Lumberjack Camp you’ll find this page on a rock. Head towards the bright light and you should find it.

[Page #84] Next to the generator on the floor. It is the forest that is full of dangerous Bear Traps.

The Anderson Farm

[Thermos #61] In the kitchen of the cabin that the truck was parked outside – the one with the guy screaming upstairs.

[Supply Crate #16] After meeting Danny go out the window, turn right and go into the basement of the house.

[Radio #10] A Missing Persons Alert - In a wooden tower straight on a T junction thats right after the cabin where you kill Danny

[Supply Crate #17] Go left at the fork in the road, its in the house there

[Supply Crate #18] After fighting the digger, go through the hole in the fence and its in the house just past the windmill.

[Page #85] Located on a carpet at the front porch of a Cabin. You can find it after leaping through the windows of the Cabin and making your way around.

[Page #86 Nightmare Mode Only] At the Anderson Farm you’ll find this Page on the door of the toilet. Near the bar and windmill.

[Thermos #62] Just down the road slightly after getting in the car, on the right hand side, just in front of a tractor.

[Thermos #63] After following the road on to the t-junction. Straight on leads to a house, right leads towards the objective. Head right and you’ll see a tractor on your right a short way down. The thermos is on a stump by the tractor.

[Thermos #64] On the side where Barry is doing the pyrotechnics at the stage defence section.

[Thermos #65] On the bleachers (seating) area of the Anderson’s rock arena.

[Page #87] Found behind Anderson’s Stage.

[Page #88] At Anderson’s Farm you’ll find this page after the Stage fight. Near the barn blocked by the tank you’ll find the page by a Harvester, Tractor and Wooden Carriage.

[Sign #14] The Old Gods of Asgard – A poster on the wall in the Anderson’s barn (after the stage defence), past the button to release the Viking boat as a battering ram.

[Page #89] In Anderson’s Barn on the upper floor beside the coffin.

[Thermos #66] In the far right corner of the Anderson’s barn. Ground floor.

[Thermos #67] After entering the silo and climbing it. On the second floor a big guy will jump out. Defeat him and grab the thermos behind him.

[Radio #11] Mulligan And Thornton Bicker - Second to last floor of the silo

[Page #90] You’ll find the final Page within Anderson’s House on the upper floor.

[Thermos #68] Once inside the Anderson’s house, there is on in the first door on the right.

[Thermos #69] Then there is one inside the Anderson’s kitchen.

Episode Five:

Night falls in bright falls

[Pages #91 and #92] You’ll find them in the corridor directly after exiting the cell.

[Thermos #70] Behind the reception in the police station.

[Thermos #71] After dropping into the street, clearing the van and the Taken posse that emerge. At the next piece of road a float will fly past. Head straight over the road and on a ledge on the decking, there will be a thermos.

[Supply Crate #19] Follow the deer fest float that nearly knocks you down its to the left, just past the fence

[Thermos #72] Behind the till on the floor in the Bright Falls diner, at the end of the main street with the possessed float.

[Page #93] On the wall in the diner next to the bathroom. You’ll find the diner building itself on the left side of the road.

[Supply Crate #20] Enter the gate to the fishing cannery. follow the way round and go up the stairs, but watch out for the ambush.

[Thermos #73] When Sheriff Breaker goes, “over here, quick, there’s light,” head straight on to the end of the road and there is a thermos at the end of the street. By some flare gun ammo. Incidentally, this is still the same road as the float street above, but you’ve had to detour to get back on track.

[Thermos #74] After you defend the gate, beat Mr Chainsaw Taken and go through the gate, it’s on the BBQ on the left.

[Thermos #75] Inside the Major’s office inside the Town Hall, there is a thermos in his tiny little kitchen.

[Page #94] In the town hall after the chainsaw guy fight. Found next to the podium.

[Supply Crate #21] Inside the town hall(where sarah tells you to get helicopter keys) go up the stairs and its in the back room

[Sign #15] After seeing Barry, you’ll run through a small park with benches and a statue of two hunters and a deer in the middle. Read the statue’s sign.

[Thermos #76] Come out the park, across the road into the bookstore and the thermos is directly on the right as you walk through the door.

[Sign #16] Alex Casey advert on the wall next to the table in the ground floor of the bookstore.

[Page #95] On the counter in the bookstore.

[Supply Crate #22] After exiting the bookstore its in the shed to the left

[Thermos #77] When you come out the bookstore and head through the gate where the children’s playground is. On the right, in the sandpit, is the next thermos.

[Sign #17] After the bookstore and the children’s playground, you’ll come across a church with a sign out front. Read it.

[Page #96] Next to the church in a yellow truck.

[Page #97] Beside the church altar.

[Thermos #78] In the far right corner of the church crypt.

[Page #98] After exiting the church you’ll find this Page on a wooden table at the sightseeing point up the mountain path.

[Thermos #79] In the far left corner of the fire station parking lot – where the helicopter pad is.

[Thermos #80] As soon as Wake falls out the chopper, there is a thermos on the right in the big open yard.

[Thermos #81] In the first building, when you hit the radio that plays “Poet of the Falls” and the ambush begins, there is a thermos in one of the cylindrical pipes on the way out.

Transformer Yard

[Supply Crate #23] After the second area of the transformer building drop down and its to the left

[Page #99] Found at the Transformer Yard. It is found on the ground behind the electrified cables.

[Thermos #82] As you approach the end of the transformer yard area, after being ambushed by two of the big Taken hulks, go down the couple of stone steps to the objective and look right for the thermos.

[Page #100] On an armchair that you’ll find on the roof of a small building. Get to the roof via the blue elevator after you exit the Transformer Yard.

[Sign #18] Before pressing the button to move the bridge – the rotating one – there is a sign on the right side of the road (nearest where you come from, set back slightly) – it reads, “Lt. William TG Randall Memorial Bridge.”

[Thermos #83] When you come to the bridge, just near the river bank, where the control room is, there is a thermos just outside.

[Page #101 Nightmare Mode Only] Close to the rotating bridge you’ll find this Page. Around where the road to the bridge is blocked by the wrecked cars. It will be by the school bus.

[Thermos #84] After crossing the rotating bridge in episode 5, in the control room on the left as you get off, you’ll find a coffee thermos.

[Supply Crate #24] After the birds attack the helicopter go to the right by the cliff side and you will find it there

[Sign #19] Outside the doors to where you talk to Weaver – “WARNING – this decommissioned site...”

[Thermos #85] After Alan mentions something about recognizing the UV painted signs, drop down. Then in the far left corner, by a fence and a security guard booth (with camera), there is a thermos there.

[Thermos #86] In Miss Weaver’s little living quarters within the confines of the power plant.

[Page #102 Nightmare Mode Only] Atop a rock next to the Power Plant gate. To get it go around the fence.

[Sign #20] Floodgate controls” sign – where the... you guessed it, floodgates are – can’t miss it, there is a series of three buttons there.

[Page #103] Also atop a rock, discover it after the cut-scene.

[Page #104 Nightmare Mode Only] This Page is laying on top of a fallen tree. The tree is found on the path to a crashed helicopter.

[Supply Crate #25] After you help Barry & Sarah, take the back path behind the red building and you will find the crate

[Thermos #87] Inside the large pipe to the left of the elevator.

[Thermos #88] As soon as you come out the elevator – that you and Sarah and Barry wait for – you’ll see it on the edge of the cliff to your right.

[Sign #21] When you have to hold the door open for Barry and Sheriff Breaker, there is a “NOTICE” to the right of the button – after you exit the elevator.

[Page #105] You’ll find the final Manuscript Page of this episode close to the Dam. It will be on a rock to your right after you get separated and defeat the haunted objects.

[Thermos #89] In the closing moments of episode 5, Alan will be chased by a tornado and will have to outrun it and get to the Well Lit-Room. When you head inside and down a spiral staircase, there will be one in the racking as you reach the bottom.

Episode Six: Departed

Alan's Apartment

[Thermos #90] As soon as you get on to the main road, after the NYC flashback, there is a thermos on the bench right next to you.

[Sign #22] After getting in the car and driving across the bridge to the first roadside opening, with cars, benches and toilets, there is a huge sign there for the “Majestic Hotel.”

[Supply Crate #26] In your car stop at the first logging camp on your left and follow it down its at the bottom right of the logging yard

[Thermos #91] Slightly further down the road from the logging area and before the first tunnel, there is a barn on the left. On the left side of the barn behind a crate is the thermos.

[Page #106] The first Page of this chapter is located in the road after going through a tunnel that is blocked by cars.

[Page #107 Nightmare Mode Only] In the Motel on a couch.

[Sign #23] Actually at the Majestic (night time scene), there is a general information board in the lobby

[Thermos #92] At the Majestic, inside the lobby’s small toilet there is a thermos. The toilet is to the right of the sign.


[Page #108 Nightmare Mode Only] Find this Page on a shelf. The shelf is found on the upper floor of the enlightened garage.

[Thermos #93] After the poltergeist bridge, you’ll come to a field with a poltergeist ridden truck and plenty of Taken. On the hill slightly to the left, there is a large barn that glows. Just beyond that, towards the objective (but in the same area), there is a house with a thermos on the porch.

[Page #109] Next to a light post near the exit of the tunnel with all the Taken.

[Page #110] Continue down the main road past Larsen's Auto Salvage. Hop out, make your way through the orange road blocks, and keep heading down the road. You’ll come across a truck at the end with this Page. It's a long way, but the page is there, I promise.

[Sign #24] After the second tunnel, where the road is blockaded and you have to go right up a dirt path, there is a sign on the left side gate before you enter with opening and closing times.

[Sign #25] When you veer off after the second tunnel on to the dirt road, before you open the gate. Before entering the building that has a “Larsen’s” and a “Auto Salvage and Used Parts” sign on top of it, there is a sign on the left of the door to get in. Also, prepare to get ganked.

[Thermos #94] In the building that has a “Larsen’s” and a “Auto Salvage and Used Parts” sign on top of it, there is thermos inside on the ground floor.

[Page #111 Nightmare Mode Only] In the top level of the Larsen building you’ll find this Page on a desk.

[Supply Crate #27] Jump down from the building and head around to the back of the building, left of the light.

[Thermos #95] After opening the scrap yard gate, don’t go over the ramp at the top of the hill, instead, get out, head right and pick up the thermos on the stack of pallets.

[Page #112] At the Junkyard, look around the light post. It will be atop a box with flares and other supplies.

[Supply Crate #28] When you approach the ghost town, there is a small shed ahead and slightly to the left of the safe light, by the broken wooden bridge. The crate is inside, along with flaregun ammo.

[Thermos #96] In the ghost town, in the second building on the right, with “Holloway & Co” on the sign outside, is the thermos.

[Page #113] Inside the Abandoned Building. To get to the building you’ll need to push a cart that blocks your way to the entrance of the place.

[Supply Crate #29] Get out of the mine cart and before you go up the ladder, follow the hill down past the red carts and broken train carriage and its at the bottom there.

[Thermos #97] After the mine cart ride, climb the ladder, push the mine cart, make the jump and walk to the end of the walkway. Before you head right. There is one straight ahead. Not very visible, but it’s there.

[Thermos #98] In the middle of the area where stuff is falling from the sky and you have the stealth-tastic Taken whizzing around, you’ll come to a train trailer in the middle of the yard and it’s in there.

[Supply Crate #30] After climbing the steep hill and climbing the wooden steps, enter the building and the crate is on the ground floor

[Thermos #99] Drop down from the building into the ghost town, and there is a battered silo to the left with a thermos behind it in the brush.

[Page #114 Nightmare Mode Only] In the ghost town you need to turn on the generator to get the elevator, and this page winks at you seductively from the ground behind it. Get ready for an all out assault after you turn the generator on.*hint: the powerlines are a great way to take out the superstealth guys, they run right into them if you're close!

[Page #115] THE FINAL PAGE is found behind the elevator in the Abandoned Town. hard to miss

[Thermos #100] After getting the clicker and talking to Zane, there is a thermos behind the first couch on the right. Shine the light on the word thermos to make it appear.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Crabdip Stuffed Portabella Mushroom Caps

Last night my mom calls me and says there's a surprise party for Mr. Meyer, the owner of a liquor store we all go to, because he's turning 90. She and my sister are in Ohio, and my Dad's in Milwaukee, so I was the family representative. I needed to come up with a quick appetizer to take over, which was great, because I had a recipe in mind I needed guinea pigs for! The recipe was a hit, so I will post it for you here!

For a party of 10-16

Crab Dip:
  • 2oz fat-free cream cheese or 1/3-less-fat cream cheese (for those health concious eaters)
  • 2 tbsp fat-free mayonnaise
  • 2 tbsp finely chopped chives or green onions
  • 2 tsp lemon juice (1 squirt is roughly equivalent to 1 tsp)
  • 2 cans (8 oz each) lump crabmeat, well drained (I prefer Chicken of the Sea for the brand - had bad experiences with Bumble Bee)
  • salt to taste
  • pepper to taste
  • cayenne pepper to taste
1. Combine cream cheese and mayo, stir until smooth.

2. Add chives/green onion, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and cayenne. Taste often to get the perfect flavor! *I love cayenne pepper with seafood; I add just enough to get the spicy flavor, but not so much than you need a gulp of water after each bite.

3. Drain crab meat and stir in. I use a fork to gently break up the crab meat and combine with the rest of the mix.

4. Flavor again with cayenne if needed!

Mushroom Caps:
  • 3 packages of Portabella mushrooms(roughly 30-40 mushrooms)
  • 3 tbsp butter
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 3 tbsp lemon juice
  • big pinch of salt
  • medium sauce pan
1. Wash the mushrooms and twist the stems gently and pull to remove them, giving you nice mushroom caps to stuff!

2. I went to my new Julia's Kitchen Wisdom book for advice on how to do the caps, because I didn't want to sautee them; they'd get too mushy, but I wanted them cooked with some flavor.

  • In the medium sauce pan combine 1/4 cup of water, 1 tbsp butter, 1 tbsp lemon juice, and a big pinch of salt.
  • Add 10-12 caps, and simmer for 2-3 minutes. *they hold shape better if you put them in with the bowl facing up.
  • Repeat steps until all caps are cooked.

3. Set your caps bowl side up on a plate/serving platter. Use a napkin or paper towel to gently dry the caps and remove excess liquid from the bowl.

4. Fill each cap with 1-2 tbsp of crab dip

Enjoy! Sorry I didn't get better pictures. I was in a rush to get to the party!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Julie & Julia

Been on a bit of a Meryl Streep kick lately. Julie and Julie has been sitting in my Netflix instant queue for a while, and decided to watch it while working. (I'm so add, I can't function without background noise). This movie is so charming and adorable. It follows the lives of two women, Julia Child, a famous author and cook of the late 1940s, and Julie Powell, a woman bored with her own deadend job who only finds joy in cooking.
The movie follows Julia, who is the wife of an ambassador who moves them to France, and her journey to becoming a master of French Cooking. Then there's present day Julie, who decides to cook through Julia's book in a year and blog about it. All the characters in the movie are so heartwarming, and the movie itself is an aesthetic pleasure.

The movie is very well written and so fun. Meryl Streep is hysterical in her role, and Amy Adams is adorable in her attempts at Child's french recipes. I almost died laughing when she attempted a lobster recipe, in which she had to kill the lobsters herself; something I recently did when attempting lobster bisque last valentine's day. (it turned out freaking awesome btw)

I think I'm going to have to go on a cooking streak after this movie. I love food. And I now have a strong desire to visit France. The Boy better look out, he's gonna get fattened up next week after I figure out what new recipes I want to attempt!